Welcome to Weejuns Design

Finally, I am happy to be done with my own site, because although I have made websites for others, my own has been put on hold as I have worked on others.

I especially want to thank my wife for giving me the time during the last three years to explore and learn more about design, web creation and marketing. Also for giving me the time to finish up this project and for helping me with writing the content. I also want to thank designer David Lucas at Bullsimple who gave me a great introduction to the world of digital design. I wouldn't have gotten here without your help. 

I hereby welcome you to explore my site and my work. I hope I can assist you, making your web dream come true. Should you choose my services, I will work with you to achieve your goal. 

I look forward to hearing your comments, questions and feedback. 

Thank you.

Design regards,
Torgrim Landsverk