Bakken Law 


Located in the Mile High City of Denver - Colorado, in Lincoln Center, Bakken Law - Law Firm of Timothy R. Bakken, P.C. has provided comprehensive legal services in U.S. immigration and naturalization matters since 1996. While their emphasis is on employment-based immigration, they also represent individuals and families. They dedicate themselves to helping immigrants achieve their dream of living and working in the United States.

Weejuns Design made their website, logo and business cards. Today Weejuns Design  has an annual contract with Bakken Law, helping them with digital communication, content marketing, SEO, updating their blog and social media. For more information, please explore their site here.

Weejuns Design is amazing! He has a great sense of design and style and is unbelievably dedicated. He is committed to doing everything carefully and expertly and with great attention to detail as well as the big picture design issues. Thank you, Torgrim & Weejuns Design!
— Timothy R. Bakken, Founder & Lawyer