Wyld Blue Studio


Wyld Blue Studio & Beth Liggitt is a glass artist and jeweler with a background in graphic design and a true love of the west!

In love with metal and glass all her life, Beth loves to make special pieces that will brighten the world in some way. She began working in jewelry fabrication as a high school student, and also chose to learn the art and craft of stained glass and mosaic that she'd admired since childhood. 

She runs a studio where she creates one of a kind pieces by commission and from her heart in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a town full of introverted artists.

Weejuns Design made Beth's website and took most of the photos on the site. I taught Wyld Blue Studio how to update their site themselves. For more information, please explore their site here

Thank you so so much! You are so talented.
— Beth Liggitt, Fine Art Glass Designer and Jeweler